I’ll take Kony for 2012, Alex

Kony 2012 is better than doing nothing but annoying none the less for the whining. The guy’s been at this for 25 years and no one said anything and very little was done to stop him. The OAS is as worthless as tits on a turtle when it comes to solving any problems in Africa as any solutions seem to fall on the rest of the world to fix. The OAS should have a Pan African special ops group that could hunt down and kill these people as soon as they pop up. Any group with god’s name in it aren’t rebels, they’re bandits. Kony 2012 is a cause célébre for a bunch of ordinarily oblivious assholes looking for something to wring their hands over.


About wolfspringsstudios

I’m a retired graphic designer living just SE of Dallas. I enjoy reading, anything outdoors, nature, photography, dogs and motorcycles. Dislikes are wal mart, nimbys, football and nascar. I'm trying to teach myself to write which is why I'm on here. Critiques welcome.
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