Seniors Bingo.

A friend told me about the seniors’ center in my adopted hometown of Ferris, Texas, and, having had a lifelong fondness for old people and now a proud member of the club, I thought I’d check it out. Three days a week they serve lunch for $1. I go occasionally and as I’ve gotten to know them, one asked me to come and play bingo some Friday morning so, figuring I might pick up a little liquor money, I did.

First off, the city attorney won’t let them play for money, I guess lest it turn into a den of inequity. So they play for cans of food and tchochkes. I got my cards and took a seat. My fear that hearing would be a problem for some was confirmed immediately. There was a bit of confusion as a couple of ladies had to be helped keeping track of the proceedings and what game we were actually playing, with a number of false “Bingos!” and “No, Margaret, it’s this one over here” or “It’s B13 Emma, there ain’t no G 13” moments. Like an SNL routine but, that was just a warmup, the best was yet to come. One of the little numbered balls leaped out of the cage and hit the floor. Canes came out flying everywhere. It was a geriatric hockey face-off. That ball went all over the damned floor until it rolled by me and I stepped on it and retrieved it. If you were to piss some of these folks off, you could earn yourself a good caning. Then again, she may have dropped it on purpose to raise the excitement level. Later on, the phone rang and the lady in charge got up and answered it. “You need to talk louder”, she said so the lady calling the numbers obliged by yelling, G FORTY-ONE at about 110 decibels. Someone then mentioned to her that she was talking to the person on the phone.
What stayed with me was seeing firsthand the bond that age and their common infirmities have bestowed upon them.  Bingo.

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I’m a retired graphic designer living just SE of Dallas. I enjoy reading, anything outdoors, nature, photography, dogs and motorcycles. Dislikes are wal mart, nimbys, football and nascar. I'm trying to teach myself to write which is why I'm on here. Critiques welcome.
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