My view of illegal immigration

I’m as sick of hearing about immigration as I am tired of being railroaded by our corrupt and inept government. They continually rub our noses in the fact that we the people, who elected them to serve us, have no say as to who comes into our country and the effect they have on us.
As I see it, the illegals’ home countries and the US would be better off if they weren’t here. No matter how hard they work, they still cost the American taxpayer $360 billion annually to educate, incarcerate, feed and heal. That number doesn’t include the $56 billion a year that they send back to their home countries and out of our economy, where they earned it. And, who knows what the cost of detention hearings is. Detention hearings should have been stopped as soon as they realized that most never show up. Illegals don’t deserve a hearing at all but, if our government says they must, here’s a suggestion; give them an affidavit for a detention hearing, a court date and send them back on the spot.
If they had enough initiative to cross the border to work, it seems they would have had the gumption to stay home and at least try to correct the inequities of their bankrupt culture, a culture of their own making, in the third world cesspools from where they came. It’s called a revolution.
We’re not completely blameless though. The US should have sealed its Southern border generations ago, so those people would have had little choice but to do what was needed, and still needs, to be done. Unfortunately, with American capitalism’s insatiable appetite for cheap labor and the downward pressure on wages such illegal labor exerts on wages across the board, combined with an unfounded fear of communism, that didn’t happen. As a result, the average US citizen/taxpayer gets yet another fucking.
Most of the people who are pro-immigration usually have bulletproof jobs (actors, attorneys or, no job at all) that can be taken from them by an illegal immigrant. Talk to a carpenter, bricklayer or a roofer about that. By the way, I worked as a carpenter’s helper, hod carrier, construction laborer and I have pissanted many a bundle of shingles up a ladder onto a roof. The jobs Americans supposedly won’t do. Americans won’t do them for third world wages, nor should they. Enter the immigrants from the South.
To complicate things further, due to our lax border policy, there are so many here that few feel a need to assimilate any longer. Even the ultra-liberal Netherlands has language requirements that must be met in order to gain citizenship. Assimilation was, once upon a time, what made the melting pot culture that used to be America, so rich. Immigrants, once upon a time, became Americans first, even as they kept their old world values, traditions and recipes.
Most of what gets exported from South and Central America is drugs, gangs and a few bananas. Bananas will be extinct in a few years, who needs the rest? The United States certainly does not.


About wolfspringsstudios

I’m a retired graphic designer living just SE of Dallas. I enjoy reading, anything outdoors, nature, photography, dogs and motorcycles. Dislikes are wal mart, nimbys, football and nascar. I'm trying to teach myself to write which is why I'm on here. Critiques welcome.
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  2. I failed to mention that immigration doesn’t work all that well anywhere, even when it’s forced, as it is with “Asylum seekers” in parts of Scandinavia.

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