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I’m a retired graphic designer living just SE of Dallas. I enjoy reading, anything outdoors, nature, photography, dogs and motorcycles. Dislikes are wal mart, nimbys, football and nascar. I'm trying to teach myself to write which is why I'm on here. Critiques welcome.

The girl with the faraway eyes.

maggie A tribute.maggie

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More from the Seniors’ center.

Last week one of the women at the Senior’s Center brought in a Scrabble game. I told them that I thought it was pretty cool and they asked me to play. I couldn’t at the time but a couple of … Continue reading

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Some new neighbors.

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Mississinewa or Bust


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2 cold 2 bolt

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My view of illegal immigration

I’m as sick of hearing about immigration as I am tired of being railroaded by our corrupt and inept government. They continually rub our noses in the fact that we the people, who elected them to serve us, have no … Continue reading

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Naturewalk 2014

Since retiring, I spend more and more time out walking with my camera in hand, exploring my surroundings, mostly on the road I live on and I have come to appreciate the diversity and amount of life in areas like … Continue reading

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