No vote redux.

I proposed not long ago on Facebook that the American people not vote for anyone for congress, senate or president this election in order to send an unmistakeable message to these people that we want them gone. All of them. If you think you can vote them out, you’re a fool. It cannot be done. One lament I have heard ever since I was old enough to vote, I am 64, was that you picked the lesser of two evils. So, how many more generations do you want to do that? Politics should not be a career path. That was not how America was designed. We were supposed to be a representative form of government but that bird has long since flown unless you’re a corporation that can pay lobbyists. Bribery is illegal so the government conveniently institutionalized it and calls it lobbying. Nice. The only way to get our government back, if we can, is to end politics as a career so, as I see it, if you vote for these people, of any political persuasion, you’re betraying your ancestors and dooming your children. The lack of votes will speak much louder than complacency. You have nothing to lose.

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I’m a retired graphic designer living just SE of Dallas. I enjoy reading, anything outdoors, nature, photography, dogs and motorcycles. Dislikes are wal mart, nimbys, football and nascar. I'm trying to teach myself to write which is why I'm on here. Critiques welcome.
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2 Responses to No vote redux.

  1. gary says:

    Well, not voting will work fine if you want Obama running the show for 4 more years. What has to happen is to vote “None of the above” or simply “none”. If the majority of votes are cast this way, the all candidates are eliminated and we start over. Not voting is just stupid. Millions of people do that in every election. That is another part of the problem.

    • If, for example, both candidates for a county commissioner seat got 15,000 votes and both candidates for senator got 1,200 combined in the same county, and this happened all over the US, that would send an unmistakably clear message to all federal office holders that we want them gone.

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