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More from the Seniors’ center.

Last week one of the women at the Senior’s Center brought in a Scrabble game. I told them that I thought it was pretty cool and they asked me to play. I couldn’t at the time but a couple of … Continue reading

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Some new neighbors.

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Kentucky Deluxe?

The first time I can recall seeing a drunk was when I was about 6, I’m guessing. I hit a trifecta plus one. I saw four. My family had a grocery store in my hometown of Jonesboro, Indiana that was … Continue reading

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I am not Trayvon Martin.

First, if anyone jumped me from behind, slammed my face into the ground hard enough to break my nose and bust my head open, their race, age nor gender wouldn’t matter. If I had the means to, I would shoot … Continue reading

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No vote redux.

I proposed not long ago on Facebook that the American people not vote for anyone for congress, senate or president this election in order to send an unmistakeable message to these people that we want them gone. All of them. … Continue reading

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I’ll take Kony for 2012, Alex

Kony 2012 is better than doing nothing but annoying none the less for the whining. The guy’s been at this for 25 years and no one said anything and very little was done to stop him. The OAS is as … Continue reading

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Hiring the homeless is exploitation?

What is up with all of the bullshit about the “exploitation” of homeless people by hiring them as mobile wifi spots at SXSW. The more I think about this, the madder I get. Apparently, if a homeless person shows any … Continue reading

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